We are so proud of all our alumni who have moved on to attend the finest colleges in the country but want to make particular note of these exceptional student athletes that moved on to compete at the college level.

2018-Timothy Sterkel (ASU)

2018-Preston Pope (University of Oklahoma)

2017- Justin Sherfey (UCSD)

2017- Jake Carver (Davidson College)

2016 - Ryan Painter (Dartmouth College)

2016- Siobhan Rubio (Seattle University)

2015 - Marisa Magsarili (Dartmouth College)

2015 - Rylee Bishop (The Masters College)

2014 - Ashton Garcia (UC Irvine)

2014 - Justin Wikler (Portland State University)

2014 - Alec Story (Concordia College)

2014 - Taylor Welker (US Naval Academy)

2011 - Ashley Welker (US Naval Academy)

2010 - Jen Owen (UCLA/ASU)

2009 - Bailey Miller (UCSB)